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That low man seeks a little thing to do
Sees it and does it
This high man, with great thing to pursue
Dies ere he know it.
That low man goes on adding one to one
His hundred’s is soon hit
This high man, aiming at millions,
Misses an unit.

Is it not possible that Robert Browning was having Ohaukwu Local Education Authority in mind when he wrote this poem some centuries ago? Look at her score card from 2015 to date below and consider it.

Purchase of 120 plastic seats for office use
Purchase of table top fridge
Purchase of SPG 300 Generating Machine
Purchase of Motor cycle machine
Purchase of 200 cartons of chalk
Printing of 1000 pieces of letter headed paper
Sponsoring of school debate for primary school pupils
Procurement of farm equipment for works department
 Introduction of Early Child Education, ECD in primary schools across   the council area.
Regular sensitization of primary school and JSS heads on school  management and administration
Re-training of management of staff on record keeping and filings
Re-roofing of office building blown off by wind storm
Sensitization of teachers on school agricultural activities.
Printing of 1000 pieces of office files
Cultivation of cassava demonstration farm for schools.
Rationalization of tutorial staff to fill in the vacancies in schools
Sponsorship of the council contingent to annual school sports jamboree
Organization of operation show your PVCs for basic education teachers   in the LGEA
Sponsorship of spelling BEE exercise
Introduction of sanitation exercise in the LGEA office on every  Monday morning

Hon. Ngonu Stephen
Education Secretary