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Generally, achievements are the assessment of a process, an institution, an individual, etc and usually geared toward improvement.
Ivo Local Government Education Authority is one out of the whole Local Education Authorities that have positively been affected and benefited in different ways from the present administration.
In teaching and learning, the Local Government was supplied with charts, adequate materials ranging from texts book, journals, wall charts, and white boards and pens etc.

The State Universal Basic Education, Board ensured that all these gifts from the state government were supplied to Ivo LGEA free of charge and in time for usage.
All the primary and junior secondary schools in the Local Government Area got enough dual-seater desks to alleviate the pupils/scholars sitting problems and to enhance class beauty and management. This was also properly done by SUBEB, Abakaliki.
Today in Ivo Local Government Education Authority, many new buildings and renovated ones litter in the primary and junior secondary schools, courtesy of the State Government via SUBEB. The construction and renovation of three buildings were done at such a speed that even the scholars and their parents were marveled and so had no option than to praise the State Government under His Excellency, Chief Engineer David Nweze Umahi.

Before the present regime, payment of salaries to LGEA staff and teachers was synonymous with teacher’s stale. Today in Ivo LGEA, both the staff and teachers receive their monthly pay on or before the 15th of each month. Retired staff and teachers are even better off! They go home to enjoy their monthly pensions and gratuity.

In Ivo LGEA, the advent of Food Vending Programme (School Feeding) helped improve the enrolment in schools. This was in complement of the stride of the State Government through SUBEB and the result was wonderful.

Another programme: “School Enrolment Drive” which involved all stakeholders including school Parent-Teacher Associations and School Based Management Committees was equally initiated to boost school population.

Ivo LGEA was a beneficiary of the sports equipment distributed by the State Government. Primary and Junior Secondary Schools came alive soon after SUBEB organized a state wide sports jamboree for all the schools in the state.

The pupils/scholars in Ivo LGEA are also beneficiaries of the state sponsored termly and other examinations. There has been a tremendous improvement in the standard of education in our schools. To step down the effort of the SUBEB and the State Government, Ivo LGEA initiated, and is sponsoring extra –moral lessons for all SSI-SS3 students.

This has been in practice since 2015/2016 school year. Again, Ivo LGEA conducted a complimentary test for all pupils who came first, second or third in all the forty-four primary schools, and gave encouraging gifts to all winners/participants.

Through the Quality Assurance Unit, the LGEA ensured regular supervision/monitoring of the schools. Good and hardworking staff were recommended/rewarded while erring ones were corrected.

Certainly, the staff, scholars and pupils in Ivo LGEA wish the State Governor Engr. David Nweze Umahi and the UBEB Chairman, High Chief Hyacinth Ikpor (KSJI) a second tenure for a better Education for All.

Education secretary.