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Ezza North Local Government Education Authority has embarked on a lot of activities and programmes within the above specified period of time. Tremendous achievements have also been made. These activities, programmes and achievements have contributed immensely to the growth and development of education in Ezza North Local Government Area, Ebonyi State and Nigeria in general.
Below are the activities, programmes and achievements of Ezza North Local Government Education Authority from 2015 to date:

1. Constant Supervision and Monitoring of Schools: The teachers needed to be monitored to ensure regular attendance to school. Before our inception, truancy was the order of the day. With our constant supervision and monitoring of schools, we were able to discover teachers who were collecting salary and refused to go to school. We issued queries to teachers found wanting. In minor cases, we gave advice and warning. In major cases, we stopped their salaries. We were also able to discover teachers who absconded, deceased and those who resigned and there were no proper documentation to that effect. In such cases, we wrote the Board to stop their salaries indefinitely or remove their names from the payroll. This helped to reduce absenteeism and nonchalant attitude of teachers towards regular attendance to school.

2. REGULAR and Timely Submission of Statistics and Nominal Rolls to the Ebonyi State Universal Basic Education Board and Ministry of Education:
For the State Universal Basic Education Board to function effectively there must be regular and time submission of needed statistics and nominal rolls to the Board. Such statistics include
(a) Nominal rolls of teachers
(b) Enrolment of pupils and students
(c) Statistics of school facilities
(d) Names of wards, villages and communities, etc.

3. Conduct of promotion interview from 2015 to 2018.

4. Compilation and submission of deceased and retired teaching and non-teaching staff of the Local Government Education Authority from 2016 to 2018.

5. Monitoring of examinations (internal and external) to ensure free and fair conduct of examinations in our schools.

6. Carrying out the 2018 National Personnel Audit exercise in conjunction with the Ebonyi State Universal Basic Education Board, and Universal Basic Education Commission, Abuja.

7. Training of teachers on:
(a) Record keeping
(b) Annual school census
(c) Filling of forms from Universal Basic Education Commission, Abuja 2018 National Personnel Audit.
(d) Appropriate method of writing note of lesson and working pupils/students attendance register.
(e) Importance of keeping school timetable.
(f) How to fill and issue birth certificates from the National Population Commission.
(g) Training and retraining of food vendors for the National Home Grown School

Feeding programme.

These trainings/seminars/workshops have helped to improve both the status and the effectiveness of the teachers. There is also improvement in teaching and learning in our schools.

8. Transfer/rationalization of tutorial and non-tutorial staff to ensure effective teaching and learning in our schools.

9. Regular meetings with parents on the need to give their children qualitative and sound education, and to carry out supervision of their schools from time to time to ensure regular attendance of teachers to school and proper teaching and learning.

10. Monthly submission of payment vouchers and adds and drops to the Ebonyi State Universal Basic Education Board. This has gone a long way to contribute to the prompt payment of teachers’ salary.

In summary, Ezza North Local Government Education Authority has achieved a lot through the activities and programmes done. This has also resulted to the tremendous change in the attitude of teachers, students and pupil. And we will not relent until hundred percent teaching and learning is achieved in our schools.

Nworie Cajetan Bishop
Education Secretary.