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Academic Service Department (formerly known as Teacher Training & Curriculum Development Department) is one of the six basic departments of Ebonyi State Universal Basic Education Board, Abakaliki. It was established in 2005 in line with UBE mandate of ensuring professional development of teachers and education managers of the Basic Education sub-sector.
Since its inception, the department has been living up to expectation in discharging its statutory responsibilities of training, retraining and upgrading of teachers and education managers in both pedagogical skills of teaching, administrative and supervisory skills and strategic administration and supervision by its education managers. It is pertinent to state unequivocally that through the training and retaining activities of this noble department that almost all the teaching and non teaching staff of the Board have acquired series of skills for effective professional performance, hence the improvement of the quality of basic education in Ebonyi State.
However, in spite of the numerous activities and achievements of the department, this write-up is meant to address just the professional development activities of the Board between 2015 and 2018 (within the inception of the incumbent Board led by High Chief Hyacinth E. Ikpor (KSJI).


Academic Services Department performs pivotal functions that help to improve and sustain a virile educational system, thus;-
The department is responsible for organizing, supervising and coordinating training and retraining programmes for teachers and education managers for the acquisition of skills, methods and new strategies of teaching and administration.
Makes input in the selection of textbooks and other educational materials in line with the curriculum and educational policies.
Selects teachers and teaching staff for training and retraining programmes.
Takes charge of Early Child Development Education and activities related to ECCD.
Takes care of selection, administration and coordination of Federal Teachers Scheme in liaison with Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC).
Prepares action plan for UBEC sponsored training programmes.
Takes charge of science, quiz and other academic competition, children’s programmes, protection and welfare activities
And any other duties that may be assigned.


Retraining and training exercises in form of in-service professional development programmes improve and sustain the quality of education delivery visa-viz:
To update teachers knowledge and subject scope
To update and sharpen their skills and methodology
Improve their instructional and administrative skills
Improve teachers’ skills in classroom management
Encourage them to try new methods and develop their capacity for improvisation and use of instructional materials
Help them to acquire skills of positive thinking, create awareness in use of pupils-central technique, good lesson plan and delivery, among others.


1. Successful training of 2200 participants at the 2014 Teacher Professional Development (TPD) by Cluster School Model and Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education (SMASE) science training which were executed in 2015.

2. Training of 2805 teachers and education managers and supervisors during the 2015 TPD- 950; SMASE- 200; Quality Assurance (QA) training- 100; Jolly phoenix 1,555.

3. Effective participation in the 2016 Joint Consultative Council on Education meeting held at St. John of God Secondary School Awka Anambra State between 6th and 10th March, 2017.

4. Planning and coordination of General Health Talk to primary school teachers in the 13 LGEAs between 20th and 29th September , 2016 in which 2000 teachers participated.

5. Coordination/nomination of 13 teachers from the LGEAs who attended NTI –SDGS-Training of the trainers workshops on HIV education and awareness.

6. Participated in the 3-day workshops for production of workable curriculum for effective teaching of ECCD organized by LEARN Nigeria at Lagos.

7. Effective participation and implementation of Reggio Emilia method of teaching ECCD organized by UNICEF between 3rd and 7th April 2017 when 84 participants attended from the LGEAs and Board’s Headquarters held at Unity FM, Abakaliki.

8. Successful nomination and participation of 45 primary school teachers in the NTI-SDGs workshop for acquisition of modern methods and skills of teaching which took place in the 3 zones between 28th and 3rd December, 2016 in Ebonyi State.

9. Successful nomination of science teachers in both JSS and primary schools to the NTI-SDGs Hiv/Aids and Digital literacy workshops training on digital literacy in the 13 LGEAs.

10. Liaised with UNICEF for capacity building and monitoring of the implementation of Reggio Emilia teaching methods in 2 pilot LGEAs (Ikwo, Afikpo South of Ebonyi State).

11. Collaborated with Ebonyi State College of Education Ikwo to coordinate the UNESCO sponsored retraining workshop for education officers on “Importance of Play and Resilience for Children” at COE lecture theatre between Monday 9th and Saturday 14th July, 2018.

12. Nomination of six teachers from both primary school and JSS to the 3- day capacity building Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) workshop organized by NTI at Dannic Hotels Enugu between Monday 15th July to Wednesday 17th July, 2018. 

Academic Services department flanks the Board on training and retraining of both the tutorial and non tutorial staff for improved and effective teaching and learning within this short period under review. There is no doubt that the activities of the department has tremendously added value to the capacity, skills and strategies of UBEB staff thereby helping to determine the quality of education in the state.

Chief Stephen O. Uzim
Director /HOD Academic Services.